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  • To learn about Karoomity.
  • To learn about goal setting.


  •  Is this site for me?
  • I am unfamiliar with how to use this site.


A Karoomity is a group a people interested in sharing their goals to gain and give support in efforts to better themselves within four main areas of their life: Career, Classroom, Community and Character.  Karoomity allows you to see how others are succeeding in achieving their goals, which in turn will give you the motivation to have similar success with your own goals.

With a Karoomity profile you will be able to publish your goals in a blog format that details the steps you will take to achieve them.  These published goals are called “Projects” and have a specific and clean layout that is easy to share to Facebook, Twitter and with many other social platforms.  The format for each Project follows the SMART goal system that holds you accountable to completing your Project in a timely but manageable manner.  At the heart of this process is the requirement to break down your Project into quantifiable Milestones that help you to to see your progression towards success.  By taking bite sized steps to completing your goals, it is easier to track your progress and will help you to keep motivated throughout the whole process.  Also, by sharing your goals with friends and family and the people on this site you are putting your intensions “out there” to become reality.

Take the first step.  Sometimes the hardest part in accomplishing the things we want to in life is taking the first step.  Taking the stuff of thoughts and dreams and making it something tangible can be daunting.  Karoomity is that first step.  By publishing a concise Project that details all the steps you will take to achieve your goals you are telling yourself and the world that you are are ready to start!  The act of publishing it alone will give it form and start its journey to becoming reality.

So what are you waiting for…. Start Today!!!




Read the first section and decide if I would like to post my goals.


After deciding to post my goals, read the knowledge section to get more detailed information.


Look at some of the other goals people have posted to get inspiration for my first Project.


Sign-up for an account and start my first Project.


Post my first Project, share it to my favorite social network to gain support and connect with others on a similar journey.


  • I am being proactive and taking charge of my life and my successes.
  • I am making a “to do” list rather than a “bucket list”.
  • I have celebrated the small successes and have realized in order to complete my project I need to take it one day at a time.


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